Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates for Back Pain—A Dynamic Duo

While these two approaches to fitness are different in many ways, one thing is certain: Practiced together, they form one serious functional fitness powerhouse! And that’s why the SSF approach is a combination of both. Scroll on for a better understanding of yoga and pilates for back pain and the benefits they bring.

woman in yoga poseYoga Definition

Yoga combines physical movement, controlled breathing, and meditation to improve total health for mind and body—making it an ideal basis for a holistic fitness practice. So, whether doing yoga for sciatica or serenity, it’s bound to be a win-win.

Vinyasa Yoga

We love Vinyasa Yoga at SSF! Often referred to as “flow yoga,” this creative and dynamic style combines focused breathing and movement through a dance-like sequence of poses—everything from sun salutations to standing and seated postures, balances, back extensor work, and inversions. Vinaysa builds internal heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration. The term vinyasa is derived from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special way.”

Pilates Definition

Joseph Pilates, a physical-culturist born in Germany in 1883, believed that mental and physical health were intrinsically bound. Inspired by that belief, he developed a system of exercises intended to strengthen both the mind and body. And so, in the first half of the 20th century, Pilates was born.

Pilates equipment is one of its most popular components—you’ve probably heard of the “Pilates chair” or “Pilates machine.” But, the principals of Pilates are what bring about the amazing physical and mental results associated with its practice. These principals include:

Total body conditioning (all of the muscle groups)
Proper spinal alignment through regular exercise and proper movement
Centering and concentration
Movement control and precision
Correct, deep breathing
A focus on the fluidity of movement

Benefits of Yoga & Pilates

For the Body

Increased muscle strength & tone
Improved posture, flexibility & balance
Increased coordination, endurance & athletic performance
Better joint alignment & range of motion
Greater bone density
Healthier weight
Protection & shortened recovery from injury
Improved cardiovascular & circulatory health

…and Mind

Lowered stress
Increased energy
Increased mind/body awareness
Decreased depression
Lowered anxiety
Improved overall mood

Start feeling better with yoga and pilates for back pain, and more!


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