Kind Words

Kind Words

“You seriously helped increase the quality of my life… for that, I am ever grateful.” -N. Smith

woman with praying handsHearing that Safe Spine has helped improve a person’s quality of life is like music to our ears. So we consider ourselves blessed that it’s a very sweet sound we get to hear quite often.


Happy Healthy People Say Very Nice Things

“Live Skype Classes!”

Patrice is amazing. I am 56 years old and have given up on my posture. I tried many other pilates classes with no success. She has transformed my poor posture. I was very interested in her techniques but live in Sun Valley, ID. She offered live Skype classes once a week! I am so pleased with the results and highly recommend her!” -Cheri M.

“Safe spine is truly different”

I have done pilates many times in my life including teaching leveling 1 mat pilates myself years ago. Most instructors teach the same methods., except for Patrice. She is amazing, and knowledgeable, and teaches a method called safe spine.. which truly is different! Not only is it the safest way to exercise, but it’s also the most productive I have ever seen. You get an amazing workout and continuously learn new things about your own body. Working with Patrice has been the best experience! I encourage anyone who is trying Pilates for the first or even someone who has practiced for years- to try Patrice! – KM

“Love the variety”

I’ve been practicing with Patrice 2x weekly for about a year now, and I’m still loving it! She rotates the routine and introduces new combinations so often that it doesn’t get repetitive, sequences are designed to be safe for the spine (why I chose her in the first place, due to old back injuries), and my posture and strength have improved greatly. -JK

“Looking forward to the next yoga class”woman in a yoga pilates pose

Patrice changed my entire perception and experience of yoga. I did not realize that I was putting my neck and back at risk in my traditional ways of practicing yoga. She took the time to show me what I was doing incorrectly, showed me to how do it the right way, and then had me do it on my own. Seeing your incorrect posture in a picture is really powerful. I now have a greater awareness of the positioning of my spine, whether it is walking, driving, or exercising. Thank you, Patrice. Your kindness, compassion, and knowledge helped me have an amazing yoga experience. I am looking forward to your next class when I am in town. -Ed K., Doylestown, PA

“Inspired and ever grateful”

Hey Patrice,
I met you this last winter in one of your yoga classes. You’d given me some pointers on leg pain and helped me identify that it was sciatica, then gave me some further info while I was traveling… After about a month of daily stretching routines, the pain has all but disappeared. I’m no longer bothered by sitting for long periods and generally feel uninhibited by something that had been quite an issue… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
You seriously helped increase the quality of my life. The physical therapist I saw basically gave me the same stretches you had. I had not taken the time or made the decision to do something about the pain until you inspired me. For that, I am ever grateful. Thanks and blessings. -Nate Smith

“Getting Stronger”

The safe spine class has made me much more focused on how I carry myself. I’m constantly aware of my posture—sitting, standing, and even driving. The pictures helped me the most! It made me realize what I need to do to have a better posture! I enjoyed the visualization and getting stronger in class. Thanks for your teaching!” -CV

woman sitting on a dock by a lake“Finally finding relief”

Patrice has opened my eyes to yet another generation of back strengthening in a safe and new way. After seven years of Pilates and not finding relief, but in fact, incurring new problems and after two back surgeries; it was a gift to discover Patrice. Her knowledge and implementation of how to strengthen my body to support my back in a new way have been invaluable. I highly recommend her services! -P. Plastiras

“Walking taller”

I learned a lot from this class about alignment protocols and techniques to improve my posture and overall movement. Over time I suppose I got misaligned and didn’t even notice it, but my body eventually let me know with significant aches and pains, especially in the hip area. From this class and the gentle guidance from Patrice, I feel much more aligned and am walking taller!! Thanks, Patrice!!! -Kathy

“Feeling safe”

I’ve taken both yoga and pilates classes from Patrice since 2007, in various styles and with all the different pilates apparatuses. The points that stick in my mind the most are the level of safety she maintains and her complete knowledge of anatomy, with her ability to target specific muscle groups. I assure you, her power yoga classes will test the strength and stamina of any endurance athlete.

Being part of her Yogi family is indispensable for anyone who has an active outdoor lifestyle. -Joe Padilla (AKA, Tahoe Joe)

“Incredible feeling”

I just wanted to quickly write you a note, and send my thanks for really hooking me into Vinyasa and yoga in general. I had practiced on and off, and slowly (slowly… ha) improved a bit over the last few months, but ever since coming to your Weds classes—especially that epic one-on-one (amazing)—I haven’t wanted to do much else! Incredible feeling and connection, above all—thank you again. -Adam H.

“Better flexibility and balance”

Practicing yoga with Patrice has been nothing short of a gift. Through her sessions, my body feels stronger, more flexible, and balanced. I’ve noticed that my performance in sports (wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing) has improved, as well as my resilience to pain and injury.

The first time I practiced with Patrice I was a bit intimidated. It was supposed to be a group session at our gym but I was the only person who showed up. I was a little uncomfortable with the situation and felt a bit exposed. I tried to wiggle out of the session explaining that she didn’t have to teach for just one person. She wouldn’t have it, and it only took a couple of minutes before I felt like I was in the company of a friend. Patrice took her time with me and really helped me find a deeper appreciation for yoga. The session was great and I left feeling exhilarated and charged. She could have just left at the beginning of class, but she didn’t. This not only speaks to her excellence as an instructor but also to her warm character and charm!

I now practice yoga on a regular basis and go out of my way to attend classes where Patrice is instructing. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with such a wonderful person! -Charles W.

“Patrice gets a 10!”

We have been with Patrice since 2007. She has made Pilates a wonderful experience for us. She is very thorough and varies her sessions, making it a fun time. She is very encouraging and we look forward to each session with her! We give her a “10”! -Bev & Rudy Staedler

“Sweat, strengthen, stretch, and smile”

Patrice’s passion and years of experience shine through as she guides you through an energetic practice that lets you sweat, strengthen, stretch, and smile. Her deep knowledge of anatomy and precise technical instructions ensure you remain in proper alignment to gain the maximum benefits of each pose while preventing injuries and leaving you feeling great! At the same time, her playful sense of humor and awesome soundtrack will make the time fly and have you looking forward to your next class. Do yourself a favor and try one of Patrice’s vinyasa yoga classes -you’ll be hooked in no time! -Chris

“Challenging, fun and personal”

I looked forward to my Pilates sessions with Patrice every week! She not only challenged me to grow in my practice, but she made it fun and personal. She’s able to drill down and understand what each client needs and how each client needs to be taught. This was really helpful as she challenged me with harder moves as I progressed in my understanding of Pilates. I enjoyed working with Patrice so much that Pilates has truly become a part of my life and my weekly workout routine. -Kristin Y., Denver, CO

“Proper form”

I enjoy and appreciate many things about Patrice’s teaching style, but the main and most critical thing for me is that she makes sure you are in proper form. Many teachers don’t pay attention and offer their expertise to ensure that you are in the positions correctly, but Patrice will make corrections so you are able to get the most out of your workout. Thank you, Patrice. -Crisanne

“We’d never think of having another trainer”

Rudy and I have been a client of Patrice’s for 16 years and we would never think of having another trainer. She is very innovative and each session brings something new. Her studio is warm, friendly, and immaculate.  -BS

“Set up an appointment with her”

Patrice is a delight to work with. I have been visiting her studio since I moved to Incline Village. I always feel a few inches taller after my session with Patrice. She is so conscientious about proper form and protecting your back. It also helped me to isolate muscle groups and improve my technique. If you are looking for someone in Incline Village, set up an appointment with her. Klingdog

“Pregnancy Recovery”

Patrice has helped me recover from a pregnancy that left my body incredibly weak. Until Patrice, I never met any personal trainer who integrated the mechanics of exactly how the muscles and bones in our bodies function into a powerful workout session. She will get you into shape… better shape than you can imagine, and you won’t even realize it. -Rajashree Karwa

“For people of all ages, abilities, and body types”

Patrice has been a teacher of yoga and pilates for most of her life. Her classes reflect her gentle and playful nature, her knowledge of anatomy and alignment, and her dedication to helping you develop a “safe spine” workout. Her classes are appropriate for people of all ages, abilities, and body types. -Ginny

“Amazing Workout”

I have done pilates many times in my life including teaching leveling 1 mat pilates myself years ago. Most instructors teach the same methods… except Patrice. She is amazing, and knowledgeable, and teaches a method called safe spine, which truly is different! Not only is it the safest way to exercise, but it’s also the most productive I’ve ever seen. You get an amazing workout and continuously learn new things about your own body. Working with Patrice has been the best experience! I encourage anyone who is trying Pilates for the first time—or even someone who has practiced for years—to try Patrice! -Kathryn Martone

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