Meet Patrice.
Patrice Abood Yoga and Pilates InstructorProfessional Fitness Coach Extraordinaire. Certified Inspirer. 

Whatever you call Patrice Abood, one thing’s for sure—you’ll end up calling her friend. Come ready to do some “feel good exercise” (as Patrice calls it), and leave class feeling awesome!


A Note from the Coach

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am Patrice Abood, a certified instructor of the Safe Spine Technique specializing in Pilates and yoga. I take pride in providing research-based, scientific education focusing on the spine and pelvis. I am now located in beautiful Grass Valley, California and I love it!

Furthermore, I’m delighted to mention that my expertise stems from learning from exceptional sources. Collaborating with the esteemed practitioner Rebecca Leone, I’ve completed the Gap Filler and Portfolio Pilates program, in addition to undergoing numerous supplementary trainings and earning various certifications. Rebecca collaborates with the highly esteemed spine biomechanics specialist, Dr. Stuart McGill, a prolific author with multiple books and over 200 scientific journal articles dedicated to spine safety and stability. This incredible journey of learning has invigorated me, and it’s poised to do the same for you.

Admission: I haven’t always felt as fantastic as I do now.

At 17, during the late 1970s aerobics boom, I began teaching, but by my mid-20s, severe lower back pain became a constant companion.

As years passed and with my expertise in yoga and Pilates, the daily agony persisted. That is until 2014 when I delved into spinal science. Today, my pain is a thing of the past simply because I eliminated loaded flexion from my routines. Loaded flexion involves reversing the spine’s natural curves under the weight of your body or additional loads (like weights or springs in Pilates).

Exploring beyond the confines of conventional yoga and Pilates

My exploration into the Safe Spine Technique, guided by remarkable experts such as Dr. Stuart McGill and Rebecca Leone, has been an enlightening journey. Regrettably, these invaluable insights are yet to find their place in educational curricula. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that this will change in the near future. Make sure to explore the Specialized Courses and Resources pages for deeper insights into this methodology and the incredible practitioners who have influenced my learning journey!

Embracing Science over Tradition for a Pain-Free Life

Just like me, you desire a life free from pain. It’s about enjoying what you love each day. I extend an invitation to join me in discovering the optimal way to move, rooted in science rather than tradition, marking the start of your transformative journey.

Come and explore at my serene Grass Valley studio where we’ll embark together on the path to a pain-free life!

Warm Regards, Patrice

Patrice’s Expertise and Credentials

Yoga Training

With a yoga journey dating back to the early 1990s, Patrice holds certifications in Ashtanga and Sadhana Yoga Chi. As a Sadhana Yoga Chi instructor, she aims for a harmonious blend of strength and gentleness, inner practice, and outward results. In all her yoga teachings, Safe Spine Techniques form an essential foundation.

Pilates Training

Trained in traditional Pilates across all apparatus, including mat work, Patrice received instruction from renowned figures like Rael Isacowitz, the founder of Body Arts and Science International (BASI), as well as esteemed teachers like Madeline Black and Astrid DeWild. After studying with Rebecca Leone, Patrice flawlessly incorporates Safe Spine techniques into her Pilates sessions, effectively preventing back strain.

Now it’s your turn to delve into expertise!


Exploring balance proves both enjoyable and challenging!