Specialized Courses

Safe Spine Series & Workplace Pilates

Whether you’re seeking out yoga for neck pain or pilates for posture, back pain relief is all about the spine and pelvis. They make standing, sitting, sleeping, picking up, putting down, twisting, turning, loading, unloading, and everything in-between, possible.

Include a customized Safe Spine or Workplace Pilates Series in your gym, studio, or facility. These programs are designed to help you grow stronger, stand taller, and feel better doing the things you love (and need!) to do every day.


The Safe Spine, Postural & Functional Movement Techniques Series

What’s It All About?

If you’d like to feel stronger, learn about the spine, pelvis and safe functional movements, gain key insights into improving your posture, and get better at the activities you enjoy—and you’re willing to work hard and do your homework, the Safe Spine Series is for you!

A Series Based on the Science of the Spine

The movements and techniques in the Safe Spine Series are based on rigorous scientific research on spine health.  Through the series, you learn functional movements to use in everyday life.

Fundamentals. The series includes a private screening and eight group classes where you’ll learn the fundamentals of spinal and pelvic stabilization, hip flexion breakdown, and alignment protocols

Proof in Pictures. At the beginning of the series, we take baseline images to capture where you are. Then, along the way, we capture images to monitor your continued progress.

Visualization and imagery.  Before taking part in any physical and daily activities, the mind should prime the body for proper alignment. Using imagery techniques, we teach you three alignment protocols that get your body organized—from left to right, up the spine, and into the pelvis. Because of its real and powerful results, imagery training is used in the fields of medicine, athletics, coaching, and marketing. But those results don’t come from magic or wishful thinking—they come from some serious hard work.

Continuing Education. This is a “teach for transfer” program. It’s not magic on its own—you have to make the magic happen. But, with hard work and dedication, you can change the quality of your life and start living pain-free! Homework elements include:

Daily Spine Hygiene
Reading and watching assignments
Excercise assignments

The Equipment.  The Safe Spine Series is a mat-based program that requires just you and a few props. Our goal is to teach you safer, healthier movements you can “bookmark” and incorporate into any fitness class you take.


Workplace Pilates

This course includes short (2-5 min) release sessions to break up the accumulation cycle of your workday. Whether you sit, stand, or run around for your job, these short exercises will regenerate your batteries to carry you through the day feeling good. This course can be taught in the workplace for your employees or as an individual client at the SSF studio.


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