My most recent studies are with Rebecca Leone who educates on the science of the spine and pelvis. I completed Rebecca’s Gap Filler and Portfolio Pilates month long program. Due to this training, this has changed the way I teach both Pilates & yoga to keep the client/student safe and teaching specifically on the spine and pelvis in my Safe Spine Technique program. The program is backed by science, uses alignment protocols and implements the power of imagery (used in medicine, athletics, marketing and other professions). Using imagery primes our mind for what it will ultimately instruct our bodies to do. This program is “teach for transfer” – I’ll get you started and then I want you to own the information and grow. It is a force multiplier of training, of hard work.  It is not magic, you must do real work to make it so.  This will substantially change the quality of your life.  Be beautiful and pain free!

“Science, not tradition, determines spine safety.”

Rebecca Leone ~ My teacher, my mentor, my friend.

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Professional Certifications in Safe Spine Fitness

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