Welcome! My name is Patrice Abood and I am proud to say I am a teacher of the safe spine technique. I specialize in programs teaching about the spine and pelvis and have studied with Rebecca Leone by completing her Gap Filler and Portfolio Pilates program along with numerous following up trainings. The education focuses on science of the spine and pelvis. I offer courses specializing in safe spine, postural and functional movement techniques. Learn about how to take daily care of your spine (important stuff)!  Please check out my “Safe Spine” section on this site for more information.

Yoga & Pilates Background
I’ve  practiced yoga since the early 90’s and was trained and certified as an Ashtanga and Sadhana Yoga Chi Instructor by Doug Swenson, an approved 200 hour Yoga Alliance course. As a Sadhana Yoga Chi teacher, I aim to create a holistic balance between strength and softness; between the internal practice and the external results. These are addressed through the encouragement of body/mind awareness, as well as a series of dynamic, flowing movements. I teach “fun style” as I want you leaving class smiling and feeling good after you’ve had your generous helpings of kick-your-asana power flow sequences. I utilize safe spine techniques in my yoga classes which means you also leave the class with more knowledge of movement than when you came in. That, is information I want you to own forever.

I’m also an experienced Pilates instructor, having studied and received my comprehensive certification from master teacher Rael Isacowitz, founder of Body Arts and Science International (BASI). I first heard of Pilates in 1980, at that time there were no studios near me or even out west (that I was aware of). I finally got on the apparatuses in the early 90’s taking classes from Madeline Black in San Francisco and from that moment on, I was hooked on what I now call “feel good exercise.” My Pilates training continued in Santa Barbara with Astrid DeWild and later with Rael Iscowitz at On Center Pilates in Costa Mesa, CA. I teach Pilates without reversing the natural curves of your spine under body weight load or plus load (springs in the case of Pilates equipment). Which means, many of the exercises are altered since so many traditional Pilates exercises are reversing the curves under load and science has taught us that if we keep doing that in our lives our spines won’t last us pain free our entire lives (and we don’t want that). Also, by staying in neutral spine, the exercises are much harder than in flexion. That’s new strength for tomorrow and that’s some good stuff.

On a personal note
I started teaching aerobics back in the late 70’s when the craze hit the streets. I was 18 years old and by my mid-20’s, my back was hurting. This lower back pain continued in my life until I started studying the science of the spine in 2014 and now I understand why my back hurt. It makes complete sense to me and the logic is easy to understand when you have amazing doctors like Dr. Stuart McGill (backfitpro.com) who has written numerous scientific papers on the subject and shares his results and knowledge to people like us. He makes it easy for us to understand and that’s what I will do for you. That pain is now gone since I move differently. I had to go outside the box of the Pilates schools, the yoga schools to learn this. Unfortunately, the schools don’t teach this stuff (yet). I have high hopes that they will very soon. The military even has come on board with a bit of this understanding. Sit ups and crunches (all that stuff I did over and over again when I was younger, hence the back pain) are being deleted from their programming. https://www.issaonline.edu/blog/index.cfm/2016/are-sit-ups-bad-for-you-the-us-military-seems-to-think-so. Articles such as this recent one from NPR are hitting the streets https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/02/26/587735283/lost-art-of-bending-over-how-other-cultures-spare-their-spines. Then of course we have my teacher and mentor of this work (who consults directly with Dr. McGill) Rebecca Leone http://www.rebeccaleone.com.
Things change. We learn more. We adapt to be better. Be safer. We want to live our lives pain free to do all the daily activities we love to do. So, I’m following the science, not tradition in my movement patterns. It’s been working for me and it will work for you too. It takes practice and new knowledge of understanding. Come visit my very private and beautiful studio. Lets journey together!

Patrice Abood, Incline Village, NV